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Side Marker Lights

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  1. (L) AA 2 x Side Repeater Set CLEAR OVAL TU239495

    They come with both varieties of bulb holder so fitting should be no problem.

    Replaces ORIGINAL VW SEAT PART numbers:


    3A0949101, 3A0949101A, 3A0949101B, 3A0949117,


    1J094911, 1J0949117A, 1J0949117B, 1J5949117A,


    3B0949117, 3B0949117A, 3B0949117B, 3B0949117C.

    Please note these will NOT replace 6L0949117 or 6L0949117A.

    Imported from EUROPE stocked in the UK.

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  2. 2 x side repeaters square Black LED 82894 BMW E46 9/2001 to 2003 and 1 seaire and x1

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2 Item(s)